Arise Ambassadors


Foreword for Dato Dennis Ignatius

Dennis and Cherry Ignatius served in London, Beijing and Washington and was subsequently appointed ambassador to Chile and later to Argentina. He was also concurrently accredited as Ambassador of Malaysia to Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Paraguay, and Uruguay. From 2001 to June 2008 he was the High Commissioner (ambassador) for Malaysia to Canada.

Dato Dennis and Datin Cherry Ignatius are personal friends of ours and are Godparents to one of our 5 children, when two of them were dedicated in Fairfax, Virginia, of the United States of America.

He is especially interested in the challenges of democracy and human rights in the developing world, the response to international terrorism, and relations between the Islamic world and the West. He has appeared on public affairs television as a discussant on international issues.

Arise Ambassadors is a programme for awareness of issues and concerns globally! The goal is to help believers fulfil their high calling as ambassadors for Christ by pursuing God with passion, serving God with excellence, and honouring God with a life lived well.