Workshop Session 2005


“The accomplice to the crime of corruption is frequently our own indifference.”
– Bess Myerson, civil rights activist.

Parallel Workshops on Practical Application and Workable Alternatives

Workshop A: Citizen Watch by Mr Ernest Balasingam, Citizen Group for Ipoh

  • Developing a meaningful and open partnership/dialogue between local authorities and citizen groups e.g. Rukun Tettanga or Residents’ Association.
  • Provision of a system of check and balance, balance score card assessment for local councils by citizen groups.

Workshop B: A Support System within the Local Church for Mutual Accountability by Mr Wong Kim Kong,
Secretary General, National Evangelical Christian Fellowship

  • How could the pastoral team encourage clearer marketplace orientation/emphasis and develop a system of
    mutual support and accountability for Christians involved in the marketplace?

Workshop C: The Role of an Individual in Promoting Greater Transparency and Integrity by Dr Denison Jayasooria, Executive Director, Yayasan Strategic Sosial*

  • How can an individual play a constructive role and not be part of a silent majority?
  • Avenues available to the ordinary person to discourage corruption and cronyism – the press, the police, SUHAKAM, ACA, Transparency International, other NGO’s etc.

Workshop D: The Role of Corporate Leaders in Enhancing Corporate Governance, Good Practices in Corporations and Businesses by YBhg Dato Paul Low, Director of Malaysian Sheet Glass Berhad

  • How do leaders of organizations and captains of industry see their roles in enhancing transparency and good governance in their corporations? What are practical steps given their influence in the organizations?

Workshop E: The Role of the Individual Employee in Enhancing Good Behaviour and Integrity in the Workplace by Mr Cheong Seng Gee, Executive Director, POD & Exco member, Graduates Christian Fellowship Malaysia

  • Practical steps for the individuals in promoting the development of good workplace ethics and values.

Workshop F: Dealing with Corruption through Proper Channels – Practical Do’s and Don’t’s *

Workshop G: Transparency for Improved Effectiveness and Governance*

Workshop H: Ensuring Accountability and Efficient Public Spending*

Pledge Signing Ceremony and Closing of the Congress Corruption – The Weakest Link

*Twin Towers photograph courtesy of Studio DL.